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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FARC: like pins at a bowling alley

Peru and Costa Rica join in the hunt:

Peru seizes two FARC rebels with tip from Colombia
Peruvian police said that acting on a tip they received from Colombia, they detained John Manrique, 30, also known as "Tanaka" or "Oliver," and Lady Vivas, 25, in Peru's jungle region of Loreto.

Both belong to the 63rd front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, said Octavio Salazar, head of Peru's national police.

"Tanaka" was engaged in leftist guerrilla activities and drugs and arms dealing on the Peru-Colombia border, police said. FARC guerrillas have been known to spend time in countries that border Colombia to hide out or regroup.
Costa Rica seizes FARC cash as Interpol probes
Costa Rican police have seized $480,000 in cash thought to be linked to Colombia's FARC rebels, as Interpol probes the guerrilla group's ties to other countries, police said on Monday.

The money was found in a raid on a house near the capital San Jose on Friday after a tip-off from Colombia based on information in a computer found at a FARC camp attacked by Colombian troops this month, a San Jose police spokeswoman said.
Colombia says documents seized in the raid on the FARC camp showed the rebels were receiving help from the governments of Venezuela and Ecuador.

Colombia has also asked Mexico to investigate ties between its citizens and the FARC after several Mexicans were found among the dead in the strike on the camp. Mexico has opened its own probe and called the situation worrisome.
More on the FARC here.


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