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Friday, March 28, 2008

Bureaucrats gone wild

At the passport office: The electronic chips used in US passports got outsourced to Taiwan because no American company meets the standards developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization and required by the State Department for border crossing procedures that involve the computer chip. How about finding a US company who is willing to develop it?

At the airline security check: Traveler says she was forced to remove nipple ring. Why anybody would be insane enough to get a nipple ring in the first place remains a mystery to me, but this is even more insane.

A guy in the UK got billed for the gas explosion that blew up his home.

Not only will bureaucrats make your life difficult, they make burial impossible: After a zoning commission refused a French village a permit to expand its (already full) cemetery, the mayor makes a symbolic gesture and bans anyone from dying, since there is no place left to bury them.

And you want the government in charge of your health care?


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At 11:24 AM, Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Unless the woman is an idiot, which the nipple ring might suggest is the case, her in Orange County when boarding at John Wayne even a seeing eye dog can read the sign warning that no metal objects are allowed on the plane.

Thus one could assume that the TSA has the tools necessary to even check the fillings but the afterglow has caused some accidents on the nearby 405.


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