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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Budget School tonight!

In yesterday's podcast, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (Rep. Tenn.) talked about Budget School: The Right to Know How Washington Spends Your Money.

What is Budget School?
We gathered some of our colleagues, the Republican Study Committee, and we would go to the floor one night a week and have a class on Budget School to talk about the Federal budget and how the money is spent...This goes back to what we did at the state level when the state was trying to force a state income tax... and we need that right now at the federal level.
Why now?
It is time to make certain that the American people know how to follow this process, know where to pull the budget down, know how to get through the different functions on that budget and find how the money is being spent, and follow it from committee through appropriations process all the way to where it is spent by the bureacracy. My hope is that they will hold the bureaucracy accountable.
Listen to the rest of the podcast, and watch Budget School tonight on CSPAN after 9:30 PM Eastern.


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