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Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain's Bloggers' Call this afternoon

Jim Geraghy at The Campaign Spot has a great summary of Sen. McCain's Bloggers' Call:
RedCounty Magazine: Hillary Clinton hasn’t really succeeded in contrasting her experience with Barack's; will you be able to?

McCain: I will portray stark differences in our positions. By the way, I would not count senator Clinton out. Anybody who has counted the Clintons out in the past has seen otherwise. But if it is Senator Obama, I will be expressing my experience, background and knowledge. We’ll be arguing higher lower taxes vs. higher taxes, bigger government vs. smaller government, a government run health care system or a system based on consumer choice.

He said he would sit down, without conditions, with Raul Castro. People know Raul Castro was the executioner. He’s the bad guy. I will discuss my qualifications but I will not talk down his qualifications.
Read the whole thing.

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