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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More Congo, Kos quotes, murder on the border, speeding, and tonight's podcast

My article on the latest in the Congo the Dog Saga is now up at The Star Ledger's NJ Voices

John Hawkins came up with The 2nd Annual Worst Quotes From The Daily Kos (2007 Edition). Number 10:
10) "I wrote a diary a short time ago about how the Bush administration helped ruin my marriage. It wasn't because my husband was a Bush supporter or anything...it was because of all the stresses from job loses, living without health insurance and getting sick, to my husband being forced to take a job where he wasn't home much that helped ruin my marriage." -- angrybird
Trust me, they go down from there.

Like something out of a Robert Rodriguez movie:
Singer shot to death after surgery in Matamoros ER
Apart from the police and narco-gangsters, few groups of people have suffered more in Mexico's brutal drug wars than the singers whose music often chronicles the carnage.

The latest casualty appears to be Zayda Peña, 28, a singer who was shot dead Saturday in a hospital emergency room in the city of Matamoros, across the Rio Grande from Brownsville.
Prairie Pundit:
Whatever the reason, the persons responsible were determined to not let her survive her hospital visit caused by the first attempt.

Gerard always has a great post. Take a look at Night Road to Mesa: 219 MPH in a Lamborghini. And Busted by the Web.

More blogging later, but remember tonight's podcast at 9PM Eastern. My guests will be Joyce Vennis, author of Postpartum Depression Demystified, and ShrinkWrapped, a psychoanalyst.

We will be discussing relationships. It'll be a fun podcast, indeed. The call in number is (646) 652-2639, and there will also be live chat, too. Join us!
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