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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Third Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

This week's big Latin American news is that the King of Spain told Chavez to shut up during the XVII Latin American Summit in Chile.

Mind you, the King not only told him to shut up, King Juan Carlos told him in the most in-you-face disrespectful way. Thank you, your majesty.

Bloggers from all over are posting about it:

King Juan Carlos has Chutzpah: Entire Diplomatic Corps Needs Some to Undo Jabba-like Take Over
Spain's King Tells Chavez to Shut Up

The King and Chavez: Chavez reaching the deep end

Not one to stop when having dug himself into a hole, now Chavez Accuses King of Coup Knowledge

Red Liberal has a selection of Spanish bloggers posting on the story.
More at Spanish Pundit

Via Kate, this week’s Spanish language blog Resistencia Universitaria

Also in Spanish, WSJ Americas

SOUTH AMERICA: general articles:
Sources: Feds Target Hezbollah Cell in L.A

Via Beth, The Arab Invasion of South America

HACER commemorates World Freedom Day

(In Spanish) El mito del cadaver del Che Guevara (The myth of Che Guevara's corpse)

Don't Cheer for Cristina, Argentina

Via Siggy, Brazil discovers huge oil reserves
Bad news for Hugo?
Others blogging on this:
Bad Debt
Gateway Pundit
Gustavo Coronel
Protein Wisdom
Venezuela News and Views
Weekly Standard

Major Anti-piracy Street Raids In Brazil

Colombian president angered by Sen. Clinton's opposition to free trade accord (h/t Instapundit)

Useless nothings: UN praises Cuba's ability to feed people
Abortion and Oscar Elias Biscet; Un sueño cubano

Picturing the Past

'I Wish My American Friends Who Fret About Mexican Immigrants Could Be Here with Me...'

The recent missteps of Danielito in Chile

Peru and other menaces

Trinidad must be stopped

A Caracas Musharraf

Hugo Chavez's criminal paradise: Under the anti-globalization president, Venezuela has become a haven for global crime.

Diamonds, Guns And Dirty Money

Useless Idiots, A Century Later

Gunmen fire on Venezuela protest

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Others posting about it
A colombo-americana's journey
Heading Right podcast
Obi's Sister


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At 11:22 AM, Blogger Lady Vorzheva said...

Thanks for the link, Fausta!
We will see what's the result of all of this..., though I am not very optimistic, considering our Government's buenismo... :(


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