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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Illich Ramirez to Osama Bin Laden

I just received an interesting article, and decided to translate it. Mind you, I can not vouch for its accuracy, but it brings up a serious issue,
De Ilich Ramírez a Osama Bin Laden
(my translation, emphasis added)
From Illich Ramirez to Osama Bin Laden
by Jose Brechner

Pakistanis? Afghans? No, indigenous Venezuelans

Before Osama Bin Laden, the world's best-known terrorist was Venezuelan Illich Ramirez Sanchez, alias "Carlos the Jackal", who was captured in 1994 and is serving a life sentence at the Clair-vaux prison in Northeastern France, from where he sporadically corresponds with Hugo Chavez, who calls him a "distinguished compatriot" and referred to him as a "friend" during an OPEC conference in Caracas.

Carlos worked for Muammar Gadafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Hafiz-al-Assad of Syria, George Habash of the FPLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) , the Italian Red Brigades, the Colombian M-19 Movement, the German Baader-Meinhof, and any other socialists and communists that would pay him. The name Illich is no coincidence, since his father was a millionaire leader of the Venezuelan Communist Party that named his three sons after his heroes, Vladimir, Illich, and Lenin. Carlos joined the party as a child, received a Communist education in Cuba, and traveled to Jordan where he became a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Islamic group. After that, he traveled freely throughout the Middle East with official passports granted by the governments of the region.

In prison, Carlos embraced Islam as a religion, as many other Communists do, not because they believe in Allah, but because they feel kinship with Muslims in their hatred of the USA. Aristotle said, "Evil unites men." In a recent interview, The Jackal laughed remorselessly when asked about his murders, and criticized Al Qaeda by saying, "They are not professional. They are not organized. They don't even know how to make explosives or detonators well." When asked how many did he kill, he replied, "I can’t count, less than 100 anyway." French police has documented 83 murders. And what did he achieve from that? "Our example has been followed not only by Communists, but also by Jihadists."

In a nearer and more dangerous scenario, which also has Venezuela as a starting point, Hezbollah in Latin America, also called Hezbollah Venezuela, converts to Islam any indigenous Chavista it can, because they are the ones that least understand what is going on. Evangelical missionaries have disappeared from the jungle because according to Chavez they are genocidal spies. Evo Morales in Bolivia repeats Chavez's same words.

Chavez has invited Iranian Shiite "missionaries" to convert the Guajiros and other indigenous peoples in Amazonia. The entire Wayuu tribe is now Muslim, women wear veils while men go to Kalashnikov shooting practice. Some have themselves photographed wearing suicide vests loaded with bombs, and the Venezuelan government distributes the photos, publicizing its friendship with Ahmadinejad and Middle East terrorist groups.

Hezbollah Venezuela refers to Jose Miguel Rojas Espinosa - the mastermind of the terrorist attack against the American Embassy in Caracas - as "the first mujeheddin, an example of strength and dignity in Allah's cause, the first prisoner of war of the Revolutionary Islamic Movement in Venezuela." The group is linked to Argentinian socialist-terrorist Norberto Rafael Ceresole, who is allegedly linked to the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) attack in 1994, and who is the acting ideologue for Chavez and Morales's regimes of Socialism for the 21st Century.

In Bolivia - South America's most indigenous country - conversion to Islam didn't start visibly, but it is an important part of the Islamist-Leftist scheme towards a conquest of America, imposing totalitarianism under Morales's whip, with Chavez and Ahmadinejad at the helm. Converting Quechuas and Aimaras will not be as quick or as easy as converting the Venezuelan tribes because the indigenous Bolivian population is in the millions, but the goal of the Muslims is precisely to convert millions.
As I said, I can not vouch for its accuracy, but this is worth keeping an eye on.

The Shi'ite Indians of Venezuela, via A colombo-americana's perspective.


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At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently met two people whose families have fled Venezuela. They told me weeks ago that muslim foreigners were setting up shop in many areas of the country. They are not only giving religious education but training police and the military, running food banks and becoming the street authority in many areas.

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fausta, maybe this is not 100% accurate, but it sure is correct. And where is our illustrious MSM whose job it is to inform the citizens? Oh I forgot, how silly of me to ask--OJ was arrested....

At 9:27 PM, Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Good Lord! When Westerners attempt to proselytize they get hammered, but there's a double standard for Muslims - but by any measure it's sanctioned infiltration.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Ronbo said...

We could have gotten rid of Chavez in 2002 during the military putsch if ony we had supported it.

Rule Number One: Never suffer a tyrant to live if you can effect his death at any time by any means.

Cheers, Ronbo

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At 4:56 PM, Blogger Carlos E. Hös said...

Maybe I am wrong but I learn that Norberto Ceresole died some time ago.Anyway he supported the Chavez-iranian missionaries in latinamerica and made some conspiracies theories om the AMIA attack here in Buenos Aires in 1994.

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the true of Carlos in: www.ilichramirez.blogspot.com


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