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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

French Kebab Rap dreams of... America

The latest YouTube sensation in France: Yilmaz Karaman, aka Lil'Maaz, a Kurdish Turk who works at a kebab joint, singing a rap about
I want the American dream
to make kebabs for Americans
To open up a chain of kebab restaurants
My lebab shop
Name on dollar bills
The Beeb's report didn't mention that part.

For now Lil'Maaz is getting paid in euros.

In other kebab news around the world,
A Crawley (England) kebab house is so highly regarded by its customers that web sites are being set up in its honour
A kebab shop owner is being retried for murder.
And rocker Mick Nash (who I'd never heard of until now) blames his stroke on kebabs.

This has been today's kebab news round-up from here in Princeton, where you can get kebabs at Zorba's, 183 Nassau Street.

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