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Friday, August 31, 2007

Campaigns, and defining diplomacy down

Campaign Finance Reform: A Fable For Modern Times
in a land far, far away, the majority of Democrats began harping about "big money" influencing votes. They whined, cried, said the poor little man had no influence because big money bought face time, perverted the "democratic process," influenced votes, and other nefarious plots against we little fellows. Of course, what really counted were votes, but that too was fairly perverted because congress-critters consistently did everything they possibly could to make sure they got re-elected. And, you know what? It didn't matter which party got re-elected, even if the two houses switched from time to time because they all knew that they would switch back sooner or later. Of course, the spineless republicans assisted in this move towards campaign finance reform this massive re-election gambit because they didn't want to appear to be beholden to big money either.

Defining diplomacy down:
Finally, George W. Bush has secured the support of the "traditional ally" most favored by the American left. You would think the New York Times would be delighted. You would be wrong.


Siggy has a very interesting discussion on The Discomfort Of Southern Insight. Read the post, and follow the comment thread.


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