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Monday, March 12, 2007

"Once eme" and the protests

In Spain, March 11, 2004, the date of the terrorist attacks on the Madrid trains is referred to as "once eme", i.e., "11 M".

Barcepundit has a list of the people who died, including their nationalities and ages. He also links to a Wall Street Journal article, Terror's Spanish Legacy
The aftermath of 11M -- once eme, as that day in known in Spanish -- has been anything but tasteful. If America unified following 9/11, Spain split along sharply sectarian lines within hours of the commuter-train bombings. An election swung from the ruling and favored center-right Popular Party, whose support for the Iraq war the left quickly blamed for inviting terror, lost to the anti-American Socialists. The Islamist architects couldn't have hoped for a better result in striking three days before polling day. But those traumatic events have been followed by others, shifting the course of Spanish history in ways no one then imagined possible.
Opposition protest accuses Spain of ETA surrender

Gateway Pundit posts on the hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied against "surrendering to the terrorists" in Madrid on Saturday.

Inside Europe: Iberian Notes
The West is at war with Al Qaeda and Islamist terrorists, in New York, London, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Spain too, a war we did not start. Zapatero does not recognize this. He honestly believes that if the West does not meet the Islamists' demands, some of which he considers legitimate, then the consequent struggle is our fault. And, twenty years ago, he believed that if the West did not meet the Soviets' demands, some of which he considered more than legitimate, then the consequent struggle was our fault.
Spaniards are fed up with leftist Prime Minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero´s coddling of ETA terrorists, who´ve made quite a return appearance since the brutal terror attacks of March 11 on Spanish trains.

Clearly, they´ve taken to heart the lesson from that alqaida experience, a bad one, that terrorism pays in Spain.
Toasted Bread has photos and round-up. Among the many items she touches on is the question of the use of the Spanish flag, which is an issue among those who consider themselves first and foremost EU citizens. Go to Toasted Bread and scroll down.

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