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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Medieval environmentalism

Medieval envoronmentalism is the "let's get back to the way things were in Medieval times before these dreadful cars and machines" movement.

Pajamas Media has The Great Global Warming Swindle, where I found the above definition:

As a commenter in the PJM thread points out,
How many people realize the ridiculously small levels of carbon dioxide that are actually in the atmosphere? 390 parts per MILLION.
Richard North sheds some light on Light bulbs and Eco-Fascism,
In fact the virtues of these "low energy" bulbs are nothing like so wonderful as naïve (self-serving) enthusiasts like Ms Lucas imagine them to be. Indeed in many ways, the experts warn, by banning incandescent bulbs altogether the EU may have committed itself to an appallingly costly blunder.
Jules is Getting Warmer
First Channel Four's "Great Global Warming Swindle," now the New York Times, "hype" and "exaggeration." The flood waters rising around Gore, warmglob enthusiasts. Oh, the treachery!
Dan's examining Al Gore's Global Swarming, and asks,
Should we really tell Africa and other nations they must not develop, thereby costing them years off their lives and actual lives because they will not have adequate services? Should we saddle everyone with hidden and seen taxes to combat a thing we don't really know is there? Reading between the lines of the Times piece, the answer has to be no.
Scott casts a jaundiced eye on The Guardian of Hypocrisy, and ends in the perfect note:
Help me pay my outrageous gas bills. Thank you.
If you grew up in the 1960s and 70s you heard a lot about global cooling - best-selling books and all. Back then I was living in Puerto Rico, where cooling would have been a welcome respite from the hot humidity.

Now we have Global Warming. Now I'm living in NJ, where we had a really cold February, cold enough that Lake Carnegie totally froze over for the first time in years, and warming is most definitely welcome.

Last year I became convinced that belief in Medieval envoronmentalism and Global Warming is a religion. I was attending a conference and during lunch break the subject of global warming came up. I politely stated, "I'm not totally sold on global warming".

Mind you, I didn't say "I don't believe in global warming", or "antropologically-induced global warming is a scam", or "this is such hooey", or anything like it. I just said (in a near-whisper at that) that I wasn't totally sold on global warming.

The reaction around the table was that of intense shock and disgust. One man put down his sandwich and turned red.

Had I verbalized the most appallingly obscene blasphemy I would not have received such disgust. I even speculate that some of those present might have even admired my "courage" and "honesty" in the name of "diversity".

After much animated conversation, and intense placating from a very conciliatory lady sitting next to me who got everybody to calm down by agreeing not to kill me on the spot (I belive the sandwich guy was contemplating where to hide my corpse) and my saying that "climate changes", I knew I was, definitely and beyond a doubt, in the presence of True Faith: they had Seen the Light, and the Light was set on Warm.

But you gotta give Al credit - he's the only man in history to have won an Oscar for a souped-up powerpoint presentation.

Here's a part of Friends of Science's documentary, Climate Catastrophe Cancelled:
go watch the whole thing at YouTube, especially if you're recovering from the frostbite:Trek Mounted To Prove Global Warming Ends Early When Explorers Suffer Frostbite

Again, there is no "consensus" on global warming. However, no matter what the evidence is,
"They were experiencing temperatures that weren't expected with global warming,"
Al and his True Believers will carry on. After all, the hardest thing for Al to do is to admit he's wrong - he used to be "America's next president", or something like that.

To paraphrase Bette Davis, Tighten your belts - it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Special thanks to Larwyn.

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