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Friday, March 02, 2007

Meanwhile at blogger's row,

Ann Coulter is carrying on (in the plasma screen)about stuff in her usual way, but at least managed to say something nice about Margaret Thatcher.

Over at our table, the conversation between Moe (M) and I (F) went like this:
F: When I grow up I want to be Margaret Thatcher.
M: When I grow up I want Margaret Thatcher to get me out of a dark alley.
F: That's right - Jack Bauer wears Margaret Thatcher pajamas.

Yes, we are extremely dorky.

Coulter gaver Romney her seal of approval.
Now there's a huge line waiting for her to sign books

Rob and Michelle have more.

Congratulations to NZ Bear!

Brownback's people chant "Brownback! BROWNBACK!" everywhere he goes.
It's beginning to grate.

Oh, goody - a "Let's go Mitt/Brownback" shouting match.

When is the bloggers' haapy hour?

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