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Friday, March 02, 2007

Giuliani was sensational

I pushed my way into managed to get in the Paladian ballroom just in time to listen to Giuliani. This is when my double media/attendee credentials paid off.

The crowd waiting outside was at least as large as the crowd inside. Everybody wanted to listen to him live. Unlike Romney and Brownback, Giuliani doesn't have a gauntlet of volunteers handling out stickers and posters. Actually, aside from the speech I haven't seen anyone handing out RG stuff and I've been here two days.

George Will introduced Giuliani, and the crowd entusiastically rose to their feet in applause

Giuliani speaks in a very matter-of-fact conversational tone which I greatly welcome after hearing a lot of haranguing. His record as mayor of NYC, his message that America is a country of ideas, and his vision for a strong America went over very very well with the crowd.

He was sensational.

Will the social conservatives go with Romney? Probably. The question is, can he win a national election?

Update, Saturday March 3: The NYT is lying, Ace.
I've never seen anything like it, even last year

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