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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today's Blog Talk Radio, Fumento writes about Afghanistan, and today's other items

In today's Blog Talk Radio, my guest will be Dr. John Fleming
John V. Fleming graduated from the University of the South (Sewanee) in 1958. He then went for three years as a Rhodes Scholar to Oxford (Arkansas and Jesus College), where he took a honors BA in English. He spent two years at Princeton getting a Ph.D. (1963), before becoming an Instructor in English at the University of Wisconsin (1963-65). He has taught at Princeton since 1965. He is the former chair of the English Department, the former Master of Wilson College, and the current Faculty Director of the Program in Freshman Seminars. Jointly appointed in the Department of Comparative Literature, Fleming has published very extensively in the fields of medieval English and European literature, medieval art history, and the history of Christian thought and spirituality. He is a winner of the Behrman Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities and the President's medal for distinguished teaching. Last spring he received the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award. He serves on numerous editorial boards and national committees, and he is a past President of the Medieval Academy of America.
Dr. Fleming is a great guy who has inspired generations of students. Please join us!

The call-in number is (646) 652-2639
Listen Live


My Blog Talk Radio guest next week will be Michael Fumento, who has a new article, Afghanistan may be called "The Forgotten War" but we'd better hurry up and remember it, for time is short.

Iranians outraged by '300' movie, but not by the destruction of Persian antiquities by their own home-grown mullahs.

The Republican Study Commitee will launch the American Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Today at a capitol press conference at 10AM. Read my report of yesterday's blogger call

Deja-vu all over again, Clinton: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is Back

Sudan sued over USS Cole attack
Families of American sailors killed in the suicide bombing of the USS Cole warship are suing the government of Sudan, accusing it of aiding terrorism.
They claim the African nation helped al-Qaeda, which was blamed for the attack, and are seeking damages of more than $100m through a Virginia court.

In a lighter mode,
Dreamland: Prague is the new Prague

Greta celebrates Pi day

Neo-neocon has a wonderful homage, Dance me to Leonard Cohen

Casino Royale is out on DVD:

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At 2:59 PM, Blogger Mamacita said...

This has long been my ultimo favorite Cohen song, and I've seen many videos of it but never this one. Have you heard Kate Gibson sing this song? It's simply breathtaking.


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