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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Those uncomfortable cheerleaders

Last night before dinner The Husband (TH) was cooking something in the pressure cooker and sipping on a beer when I (F) said,
F: Did you hear that Russell Crowe says that the rugby team he owns in Sydney quote "has discarded its cheerleaders" unquote this season because they made male fans feel uncomfortable? (h/t PC Watch)

TH: Uncomfortable?
(takes a sip from his beer, looks at cheeleader photo, smiles, has more beer)
More like they made the male fans' wives uncomfortable.
F (reading from the article): "The Hollywood star also said his wife, Danielle Spencer, supported the club's controversial move".
TH: I knew it.
F: They're replacing the cheerleaders with some sort of marching band. "The whole idea of percussion will be exciting for the crowd".
TH: Well, the Rockettes do great percussion. I wonder if they travel.

(Rockette trivia for you guys: Back in the 1970s the height limit was 5'9". Now it's 5'10 1/2".)
(TH likes the Rockette picture, even when "it's not as good as a whole row of them")

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At 3:47 PM, Blogger JMK2006 said...

Then too there are the al-Qaedettes. (I blaspheme you not.)


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