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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Libby trial, and other items

The Libby trial
Russert on the Hot Seat
One of the differences between reading live blogging of the Libby Trial and reading or hearing news accounts, is that we have it in real time. Even the most skillful of reporters in the court like Matt Apuzzo have filing deadlines which usually means that they get the direct testimony but not the cross examination in their first stories. But in this case the cross examination is the story.
The Daily Howler is on the story like white on rice: ALL IN THE FAMILY (PART 3)! It seems that Russert is never wrong—if you ask Russert, that is

Grilling Russert to a Fine Turn

Belmont Club comments on those two bloggers John Edwards fired:
The underlying problem was that Edwards wanted the Netroots crowd on his campaign but didn't want them to represent themselves. He probably wanted the Netroots people to stand silently on his stage against a backdrop of bunting and vaguely patriotic organ music while he declaimed solemnly in the foreground.
Or maybe he wanted them to stand silently on that second stage he built in his entertainment building.

The Edwards campaign just released statements from Edwards and the two bloggers in the thick of the controversy, and it looks as if the two won't be fired.
Special thanks to Larwyn for the links.

Terrorism Awareness Project

Via Rich
[WARNING: Disturbing images of women being executed]


When first class is not good enough: Pelosi's hard landing

And don't forget the Chevy Tahoe.

Little Miss Attila will be attending CPAC, but needs help with finances. Go to her blog to help her out.

I'll be at CPAC, too.

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