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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Le Monde loves Fidel, and today's items

Via No Pasaran,
Le Monde Diplomatique Director Ignacio Ramonet is gathering a "consencus" of French journalists to write an "authorized" retrospective of Castro's paradise on earth.
Joe is not amused

Did you listen to my latest Blog Talk Radio?
blog radio

One of my childhood heroes, Buzz Aldrin, has an article at PJM, Let's go back to the moon

ShrinkWrapped is discussing Abortion on Demand: Reverberations and Vicissitudes. Sigmund, Carl and Alfred has an absolutely heartbreaking post on the subject.

Do Women Have A Right To Informed Consent?

Town Commons posts on the Muslim Council of Britain's guidelines for special treatment of Islamic children in the state school system:
  • Allowance for girls beginning at the primary school level to wear the hijab
  • seperation of the sexes in any sort of physical activity that would allow touching or that involves swimming
  • special changing areas for muslim children to change clothes in private
  • if you have a school field trip to a farm, muslims must not be allowed to touch a pig
  • Parents can withdrawal their children from music classes
  • Muslim children should not be asked to draw pictures of humans
Go read the rest.

Via Larwyn, Hillary Clinton's Confederacy Hypocrisy. Hillary can't remember celebrating Confederate Flag Day back in Arkansas. How convenient.

Terrorists not allowed to use Constitution against us

War Power Game
The coming constiutional crisis

Edwards: Greatest Threat to World Peace is Israel

Via Maria,
Russian missile "blackmail" won't work, Czechs say
The Czech Republic said on Tuesday it would not be intimidated by Russia over plans to site parts of a U.S. missile defense system on its territory and said attempts at "blackmail" by Moscow would backfire.

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said threats by Russian officials over the plans, which would involve placing a radar system on Czech land and a missile battery in Poland, would only make Czechs more determined to defend themselves.
Dennis Prager on Happiness Is a Moral Obligation

These PU students are making someone happy!

Cinnammon writes about When Awards Become Politicized

In a lighter mode,
Accessorize, accessorize I just bought myself one of these:

Handbag and lunch bag in one. And the red matches my nail polish, too.

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