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Friday, February 16, 2007

The idea of America, in Monday's Blog Talk Radio

Last Monday I had the pleasure and the honor of inagurating Fausta's Blog Talk Radio show with Siggy of Sigmund Carl and Alfred. Siggy said,
This notion of Cosmopolitanism is just another word for mediocrity.

Our great achievements have always come about as a result of reaching beyond ourselves. Great art is a result of reaching beyond oneself. Great ideas have always been successful because there are those who reached beyond themselves. Will America succeed and prevail? Yes. Because Americans has a unique history of reaching beyond themselves.
You can listen to last Monday's Fausta's Blog Talk Radio show right here:

Next Monday February 19 at noon my guests will be Allyson Rowen Taylor of Stand With Us, and Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk.
Please tune in!


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At 10:27 PM, Blogger JMK2006 said...

Love the part about you can't be born into having a great idea, and about all the untapped potential here. YayA and thank you both.


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