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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The French, global warming, and today's items

Nidra Poller continues to explain the French elections: Francois Bayrou, French Insiders' Outsider. It's more of the same-old, same-old:
Bayrou's socialeconomic program, in which every economic measure is linked to a corresponding "social" or welfare measure, is based on the assumption that an unfettered, flourishing economy does not automatically favor the general welfare. Bayrou's recipe for stimulating the sluggish French economy is a plodding reform package involving a balanced budget and small increment improvements - a 5% yearly increase in the research budget over a ten-year period, a referendum to reform the pension system, improved synergy between academic and professional spheres, slight advantages to employees willing to work 39 instead of 35 hours. He would make deficit spending unconstitutional, tax fossil fuel to encourage alternate energy sources, and somehow prod banks to invest in business.

Bayrou proposes a Small Business Act similar to the one established in the U.S. in the Fifties. This would favor small business in bidding for modest government contracts, and reduce the employer’s contribution to the employee's social protection package; a contribution that doubles the real cost of French salaries.

In the interim, Bayrou would institute a quick fix for job creation: every company would be allowed an exoneration of the employer's social security contribution for two newly hired employees. Similar selective exonerations have been applied in the past without ever demonstrating their effectiveness. Bayrou believes that the only thing missing is the spark! Something that would awaken and liberate energies, create a momentum, run on its own steam. But that wouldn't be socialeconomy! It would be crude, crass American money-worshiping capitalism.
It hasn't worked yet, but they dream on...

Update Helen asks, Is this the third man?

Global Warming: Fact, Fiction and Political Endgame

Inconvenient Truth: Bush greener than Gore

So, while you hear nothing at all about President Bush successfully gaining international co-operation for a green initiative that does not destroy economies like the Kyoto treaty, and you read nothing about how the president is committed to helping the restoration of ancient Iraqi Marshlands, you hear rather too much about all the preening and moralizing going on by Green Al Gore…except when he cancels interviews that might make him address…inconvenient dissent.

Martin Luther protested against the selling of indulgences and got excommunicated. Nowadays you protest against the purchasing of carbon offsets and you get excommunicated, too.
Some things never change.

Update I {heart} Gerard

"The big lie is that all religions are basically alike"


Click on the image to read the story:


In a lighter mode, Maria's addicted to watching the San Diego Zoo pandas.

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