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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fast for Cuban political prisoners reminder

El Cafe Cubano urges us to join in a Fast every Friday for all Political Prisoners in Cuba!
Political prisoners languish in prison in apartheid Cuba and the media ignores their struggles and cause. We must not forget our brothers and show them signs that we are with them and support them!
El Cafe Cubano knows how indifferent people are to the enslaved Cubans. The comment at this post, for which I translated from Spanish and French, was "who cares?"

Is Castro-Chavez video a fake?

Because ignoring the enslavement of a people only prolongs it.

Speaking of ignorants, Oscar-Winning Monster Mouths Off
Promoting her latest project, East of Havana, a film about Cuban rappers, Theron went on a tirade about her adopted home country that left even the broadcast veteran embarrassed. Asked about Cuba's lack of freedom under Castro, Theron said to Sanchez, "I would argue that there's a lack of freedom in America."

Stunned, the anchor checked to make sure he understood the actress correctly. But even after Sanchez sensibly pointed out that people aren't incarcerated for their political beliefs in the U.S., Theron stumbled on, comparing Castro's jailing of dissidents to media outlets firing reporters for failing to meet appropriate standards of objective reporting (or in television’s case, just for pulling low ratings).

Sanchez then pressed the star further, offering her every chance to recant her ridiculous statement, but the blonde refused to take the bait. (Apparently nobody bothered to tell Theron that Sanchez is of Cuban descent, and like many of his heritage, probably not as inclined to idolize the communist dictator as most of Hollywood seems to be.) "Do you think the lack of freedoms in Cuba are parallel to the lack of freedoms in the United States?" he asked. "Well, I would," answered Theron, "I would compare those two. Yes, definitely."

Finally Sanchez stated the obvious: "It sounds like you don't have a very high opinion of the United States." Theron tried to claim otherwise despite her disparagements, but seconds later, completely flummoxed, the woman Harper's Bazaar called "a smart, down-to-earth dame" fell back on the ploy so many actresses before her have resorted to. Said the South African bombshell to Sanchez, "I want to make out with you right now."

She may be an Academy Award winner, but subtle, she ain't.

And there is more reason to applaud Sanchez than for merely his impressive interview techniques and that is for his rare-in-his-business willingness to call them like he sees them. Rather than cover for a powerful film industry insider (and a stunning one at that) like many of his colleagues have in the past, Sanchez observed that Theron's bizarre outburst was simply, A way for a beautiful woman to get a guy to change the subject."
I like that in a guy.

Update Cuba's Castro 'able to eat again'.
Yeah, right.

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At 8:15 PM, Blogger Elmondohummus said...

She said what??? What the bleepin hell was she thinking??!!! Why is it so in vogue to try to paint the US as some authoritarian state? It's so faux intellectual, yet too damn many vapid stars and starlets insist on doing so. What the hell! Are! They! Thinking???!!!

And from Theron??? She is from another country, one that did have authoritarian restrictions on part of it's populace (South Africa). How the hell can she say what she said given her actual experience with repression??

Or, not being black, did she just not pay attention?

Good God... take it from another immigrant: The belief that the US is restrictive or authoritarian can be quickly cured by immersion into another country where such restrictiveness or authoritarianism really exists. Which is why I'm so disappointed in her. Cloistered Hollywood denizens I can understand holding such views; they think they get out a lot, but staying within a mile of a hotel in a foreign country is not absorbing the culture. But Charlize Theron??

And to think that I once thought of her as one of the more intellectually sharp Hollywoodettes. That view just flew out the window.


Aside - Word Verification: "hrinakd". Hurry naked?? Heh...

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Fausta said...

I was rather surprised to hear it, but then I don't know much about her.
I'm glad the reporter didn't kow-tow.


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