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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Casablanca, and the Carnival of the Insanities

Video of Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the American Enterprise Institute (go to this page if the link doesn't work). (h/t LGF). Hitchens asks a question 30 minutes into the program.

Wretchard talks about Casablanca at Belmont Club:
And Casablanca was produced at America's lowest ebb, in 1942. In it men fight for love, self respect and defiance. They are always free to choose; even go over to the enemy to regain a lost romance. There are no demigods at Ricks Cafe. Only a humanity driven there by circumstance: gambling, dreaming, scheming, resisting, grasping and sacrificing. As time goes by.
Time for the Carnival:

Breaking news: The Carnival is now government approved (finish your coffee before you go there).

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