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Monday, February 12, 2007

Anti-Semitism in texbooks: South Korea

Allyson, who will be my guest in next week's Blog Talk Radio, emailed me with this:
Remember that myth that "America is (supposedly) the most racist country on the planet"?
Well, someone recently translated South Korean elementary schoolbooks.... and you'll never guess what they found
Teaching Korean Kids about America...and Who Really Runs It
Chapter 8: "One Must Know the Jews to See America"
More at Reading Monnara

Maria sent this article, Sold on a Stereotype:
In China, a genre of self-help books purports to tell the secrets of making money 'the Jewish way.'
Showcased in bookstores between biographies of Andrew Carnegie and the newest treatise by China's president are stacks of works built on a stereotype.

Another title teases readers with "The Legend of Jewish Wealth." A third provides a look at "Jewish People and Business: The Bible of How to Live Their Lives."
And some of the books use J P Morgan and J D Rockefeller as examples of Jewish businessmen.

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