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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Anchoress is watching Couric, Gore and the Clintons

As I said in my February 12 podcast, there are four bloggers I always visit. The Anchoress is one of them.

Yesterday she shredded to bits the ever-obtrusive Couric, Gore and Clintons, and she starts with,
We need new names in both our politics and our news broadcasts. The same damn people have held sway over everything for too damn long.
Read the whole post.

Yet I know exactly how she feels:
These people all make me tired. I'm tired of looking at them, reading about them, listening to them blab on and on. I'm tired of their tired excuse-making and double-talk. I'm tired of hearing that these people are greatest of people and that only haters could not absolutely adore them, at all times.

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