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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chavez bans Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer banned in Venezuela, citizens take to the streets
RCTV also has the local syndication rights to "24."

Hugo Chavez is banning Jack Bauer.

Now he has gone too far.

Read on...

Chavez' government justifies the decree not to renew RCTV's licence on the grounds of public morality. The station will be used now for "public service"--perhaps re-runs of the ever-popular "Alo Presidente?" But make no mistake about it. Chavez has no delicate moral scruples. He is shutting down RCTV because it annoys him, and because he can. And if the people of Venezuela are deprived of their weekly Jack Bauer fix? They'll be better off not watching such a character, beside which the caricature that is Hugo Chavez cuts a very poor figure.
And that's only the beginning, folks.

Gustavo Coronel proposes A "Homeopathic" Alternative

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At 1:53 PM, Blogger Jack Bauer said...

What the hell is Jack doing in LA. He should drive to Caracas...he could be there in under 20 minutes.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger A.M. Mora y Leon said...

OK so let me get this straight - Chavez has banned RCTV on grounds of public morality but fully intends to take over the TV station himself so that Venezuelan toddlers can learn all the particulars of sulphur, pendejos, sex with Condi Rice, kissing drag queens, and the like. That wacky Hugo.


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