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Sunday, November 12, 2006

" We think we can just call off the game early, and go back home and watch TV."

. . . "It doesn't work like that." says Mark Steyn,
For the rest of the world, the Iraq war isn't about Iraq; it's about America, and American will. I'm told that deep in the bowels of the Pentagon there are strategists wargaming for the big showdown with China circa 2030/2040. Well, it's steady work, I guess. But, as things stand, by the time China's powerful enough to challenge the United States it won't need to. Meanwhile, the guys who are challenging us right now -- in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere -- are regarded by the American electorate like a reality show we're bored with. Sorry, we don't want to stick around to see if we win; we'd rather vote ourselves off the island.
Read the whole article.

And here's Good News From Iraq Part #13, and more here.

America as Spain? I hope not. . . Update .. . but it's looking like it.
It's a good thing I try to maintain a certain decorum in this blog, or I'd be asking if we're ****** yet.

The awesome Dr. Sanity had knee surgery this week, and she still had time to put together a Carnival!

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