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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday bloggin': The wit and wisdom of John Kerry.

Update, 5:30PM Obsession in the Fox News Channel 10PM tonight.
IF YOU MISSED IT, you can watch it here (h/t Dr Sanity)

Update, 4PM:
Read every word if this article: The Only Issue This Election Day. Just this morning the Star Ledger was whining Jersey voters say ethics isn't as big an issue as Iraq.
Rumors swirl about Justice Stevens
Madame Speaker?
It's like listening to a cross between a Stepford wife and Jesse Jackson.
As Dinocrat says, If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds….

Usually I don't post on politics on Sundays, but it's election time:

Via Gateway Pundit,


Liberals Unhinged As Polls Head Right

WaPo Spins Republican Resurgence The ABC/Washington Post generic ballot preference moved eight points?

The two Americas

The Skinny On Those Political "Military Magazines"

The Life of Lance Cpl. John McClellan... A Story Too Hot for CNN

Don't miss the political insanities:

My thanks to Maria and Larwyn.

I might add more links later today, if I have a chance.
Update No political links for now, but two items for the upcoming gift season, cowboy boots and Irish scarves.

and finally, The wit and wisdom of John Kerry


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