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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kofi and Bolton

Via Linda, Kofi Annan, (emphasis added)
Secretary-General Kofi Annan said that one of the problems in the negotiations for the release of the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers in Lebanon is the demand for Hizballah to return them alive.
I emphasize both phrases because this shows that
  • Kofi's priority is the negotiation, not the results
  • he knows that the soldiers are dead
  • he's not going to show any outrage over those deaths, just as he wasn't asking for Geneva Conventions or Red Cross visits for those soldiers
For the UN, all that matters is the negotiation.

Which is why it's so important that John Bolton stay at the UN. Bolton has proved himself as a master negotiator: If it weren't for Bolton Venezuela would have a seat in the Security Council. This is no mean achievemet: Chavez committed to spending $20+ billion when he traveled the world trying to buy that seat, and failed. Instead, Panama's the compromise candidate. Panama's becoming a bigger player in the Caribbean: While the canal is controlled by China, Panamanians have approved the expansion of the canal, which will lead to more free trade and commerce to the region.

The WSJ this morning has an editorial (by subscription only) pointing out that the Dem's Opposition to Bolton is based on nothing save vindictiveness. But Bolton can stay regardless of Dems' venality:
Having had one recess appointment, Mr. Bolton can't get another one and be paid. But he could retain his position and be paid if Mr. Bush names him to a non-confirmable post at State and then assigns him to the U. N. Ambassador's duties. Now, that's a compromise.
Let's hope so.

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