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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Judith, Janet Reno, the new bishop, and other items in the news

Judith was Talking back to Rachel Corrie's parents. The results were what one would expect.

Janet Reno Files Challenge To Terror Law Dan says,
I've heard the papers suggest a more humane alternative - that terrorists be incarcerated in old Texas farm houses until they can be surrounded by the FBI with the terrorists being burned alive on national television. But that last bit is unconfirmed, for now.
And then, there's raiding their homes in the wee hours of the morning, taking them by force and sending them back to where they came from:

The Impressive Plans of the Democrats

Michael Medved: New Bishop show bankrupcy of 'religious left'
The questions and answers with Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori eloquently (if inadvertently) demonstrate the bankruptcy of the Religious Left. If the movement's attitudes toward marriage and child-bearing reflect the trendy ideas of secular environmentalists rather than timeless Biblical truth, then who needs religion? Most Americans understand that the purpose of organized faith is to bring unchanging values to bear in challenging and modifying the fads and temptations of the moment. Religion means nothing if we rather begin with fashionable contemporary ideas and use them to alter the fundamentals of faith. Moreover, what's the point of maintaining any sort of organized Christianity if one of its most prominent leaders will instinctively condemn her own faith tradition while excusing or dismissing the violent excesses of the deadly Muslim enemies of the Christian world?

As with most leaders of the Christian Left, Bishop Jefferts Schori appears be very Left, but not very Christian. Her example shows the way that this new movement of religious liberals amounts to little more than a desperate effort to use the language of faith to repackage the tired ideas of secular, utopian leftism and moral relativism that have failed so spectacularly wherever they've been tried around the world.
Amazing how good economic news are starting to appear in the press: More Post-Election Good News: Wages Rising Faster Than Any Time Since 1997

Al-Jazeera Comes to America

Larwyn's links
Fighting the information war

California Supreme Court: Web Publishers Not Liable for Republishing Defamatory Statements by Third Parties

Surprise, surprise: WashPost Slants Leftward in Covering Lives of Galbraith, Friedman

Most definitely not for the politically correct: Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam
Related: Spengler: the slow motion suicide of fundamentalist Islam
Wars are won by destroying the enemy's will to fight. A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women. The French sold their women to the German occupiers in 1940, and the Germans and Japanese sold their women to the Americans after World War II. The women of the former Soviet Union are still selling themselves in huge numbers. Hundreds of thousands of female Ukrainian "tourists" entered Germany after the then-foreign minister Joschka Fischer loosened visa standards in 1999. That helps explain why Ukraine has the world's fastest rate of population decline. On a smaller scale, trafficking in Iranian women explains Iran's predicament…the battered Iranian whore is the alter ego of the swaggering Iranian jihadi. . .

In the case of Iran, deracination and cultural despair impel millions of individual women to eschew motherhood. Prostitution is a form of psychic suicide; writ large, it is a manifestation of the national death-wish, the hideous recognition that the world no longer requires Ukrainians or Moldovans.
ShrinkWrapped's Considering Iran

How Islamics Terrorists Stay in the USA
We said it looked like lawsuit shopping, which it was. Via Irwin, CAIR urges boycott of US Air - I'll remember that the next time I'm flying.

Michael Totten, Chester and Wretchard look at the assasination of Lebanese Minister Pierre Gemayel.

The Failure of American Public Debate

Today's video, from Maria:

Christmas shopping?



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