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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Is Hillary running for prez?

You bet she is. Just look at this picture:

The minute those two are back in each other's arms it's because there's a campaign going on. As Maria said,
What a touching picture!
It's amazing what sense of power does to people! These two are looking in love with each other again already!!!
Britain's 50-year struggle with Islamic terrorists

Alabama Liberation Front's got four excellent posts: start with In defense of AuH2O, and then go to Howard Dean and the blog wars, Bob Barr tried to warn them, and Memo to all Republicans.

New York Times: Paper Ballots More Manipulable

A Large Regular has The Rumsfeld Interview

Goodbye, frying pan … hello, fire?

Live from Ramadi: The Enemy of My Enemy


More Duping of America: The Democrats & Media Quagmire Lie

U.S. is about to run from Iraq, letting evil prevail

Canadian medical students may lack basic surgery skills, survey suggests

In a lighter mode,
Cal Tech Girl celebrates her birthday

A Neuroscientific Look at Speaking in Tongues.

Lifestyles of the Ethical Consumer

Pablo Molina has a new book (in Spanish) La dictadura progre

Special thanks to Larwyn and Maria for their help.

I almost forgot,
Kos Threatens "War" On Carville
Papparazzi caught Carville's reaction:



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