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Friday, November 10, 2006

Indian summer in DC, face bras, and today's round-up

One of my favorite actors: Oscar winner Jack Palance dead at 87

Today's round-up from Larwyn and Maria:

Iraq Al Qaeda Chief Says Democrat Victory A Step In Right Direction. Parties Across the Middle East

ABC's Rosie O'Donnell: 'Don't Fear the Terrorists, They're Mothers and Fathers. Indeed they are, Rosie.

Reporting Ban on Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Lifted

Culture, Character And Cheese

Bill Maher's sex slaves


Elections, Group Fantasy, and Human Sacrifice

Dems Face First Challenge With Base

Velázquez, Without Bells or Whistles

A tsunami of B.S

Super-secret transcript from NSA Surveillance Program

The Left Takes Control of Independence, Gramscian Style

Finding Wisdom in the Wreckage

Team Hillary Bids To Buy The Tribune Company

Is Bloomberg an INO (independent in name only)?

Blame Bush: Colossal Hurricane-Like Storm Found on Saturn

America Meet Your New Senate Leaders!

Would you wear a face bra? NO!

Washington DC, November 10, 9:30AM:

If only the news was as good as the weather!
Last night at the Old Ebbitt Grill I overheard a conversation: how great it'll be to bring in George McGovern to help out with the Iraq quagmire. I thought it was just some drunks talking. Boy was I wrong. It was in the news this morning.

When in doubt, cook it out: Sun-dried tomato mini-meatballs


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