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Thursday, November 16, 2006

God and books

Sigmund Carl and Alfred did a beautiful review of Bob Godwin's book, One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind & Spirit.

SC&A says,
The book is not about religion. Godwin is comfortable seeking truth wherever it might be found. His treasure map is the world, drawn with the pen of history and colored with the universal wisdom of the cultures of the ages. The approach is refreshing- no matter our religion, we come to see the elevation of man by way of faith as something to rejoice. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr or the Imam in Paris that called out to save the Jews in Nazi occupied France, are all examples of how an elevated sense and understanding of what it means to be 'created in His image' means.
SC&A cross-posted his review at Dr. Sanity's, where of course the discussion centered on whether God exists.

As a believer, I pity a person whose life has been so void of miracles that they can not bring themselves to acknowledge God. For not to have felt God's hand in one's life is to have lived a poor life indeed.

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