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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Global Orgasm update

WARNING: Full snark ahead.
Post is also not suitable for work

The Global Orgasm story has all the ingredients for creating blog interest: sex, humor, politics, and product endorsement. Curiously the GO website has a really lame tune for background music - I would have expected something more suggestive, like say, Ravel's Bolero - but maybe that's the right kind of mood music to those who believe that
The combination of high-energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditation and prayers.
Ah, mindful intention . . . that explains it.

Last week I said that it's as good a way as any to spend a Friday, but TigerHawk takes a political stance:
Being a hawk, I'll have to remember not to have an orgasm that day
and adds
Presumably faking orgasm does nothing -- the Earth knows.
Don't miss his comments section.

Newton, however, endorses Casino Royale as an aphrodisiac:
From the film reviews I have already read, including one from Fausta, I can conclude that a lot of ladies are going to leave the theatre without the need for KY jelly. That guy, Daniel Craig, is smoke-piping hot! Forget the others! Nothing will give it to the lady who really wants to fantasize about a hunk than to slobber like a dog at the sight of this guyÂ’s chest on the silver screen while he kicks major butt and names names!
Speaking of aphrodisiacs, Blue Crab Boulevard found out that they're handing out free Viagra in Brazil - as if the Brazilians needed it! - under a Pinto Alegre (Happy Penis) program. I had no idea that the Brazilians called that a Pinto. I googled the word because I thought maybe Ford must have changed the name of the car to market it in Portuguese speaking countries, but obviously not:
Denominado Pinto, nome de um cavalo malhado (apesar de seu outro sentido em nosso idioma),
[my translation:]
Named Pinto, after a horse with spots (in spite of its other meaning in our language)
Portuguese-speaking Ford dealers must have had some interesting conversations at the showroom, for sure.

Ace is skeptical of the GO concept, and calls it
bustin' a nut for peace.
Jimmie believes
This can't end well. It just can't.
while Argghh! would rather have the military get lucky.

Don notices how
Of course it began in Nancy Pelosi's city by the Bay
but Moonbattery points out that
This is only the first of seven Annual Solstice Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace events, which will reach their thundering climax on the 2012 December solstice, "when the Mayan Calendar ends with a new beginning."
The mental image of old hippies doing the thundering deed is enough to make Dan say,
Frankly, I think I'd rather go to war.
Not surprisingly, there's a revival of John Lennon/Beatles tunes at Hot Air and Dr. Sanity, whose commenter has been groovin' to the Doors, man!
If one orgasm can make the Earth move, what would hundreds of millions, nay, billions of synchronized orgasms do? Surely these people are advocating nothing less than causing potentially-catastrophic shifts in the Earth's orbit. Compared to this threat, the possibility of anthropogenic global warming pales into insigificance.
Seeing how the idea originated from Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, and what they've been doing to the great outdoors, maybe it's time to get the bath salts ready:

Just Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Whatever Hair You Have Left

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