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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fumento: Why so few embeds?

Michael Fumento's reporting as an embed journalist in Iraq.

Military unfairly blamed for embed problem
Further, as I've documented elsewhere at length, the "Highway of Death" is essentially both a name and a myth perpetuated by reporters demonstrating faux bravado. It has become secure to the point that last year a Washington Post headline declared: "Easy Sailing Along Once-Perilous Road To Baghdad Airport."
(h/t iNo Pasaran!)

Here's the WaPo article: Easy Sailing Along Once-Perilous Road To Baghdad Airport.

Fumento's severey criticized for telling the truth: Correspondence on: Military Unfairly Blamed for Embed Problem. Not surprisingly, the critics either do "hotel journalism" (like the BBC guy that always always shows the same high-rise building in the background), or haven't even been to Iraq in the first place.

But then, this is what you look like on the job as an embed:

I don't see many of Michael's critics in full gear.

Go look at his latest pictures and visit his website.

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