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Monday, November 27, 2006

Enemy propaganda at the LA Times, and today's other items

Is the L.A. Times Repeating Enemy Propaganda? Or Is There Another Reason The Paper Is Getting Basic Facts Wrong and Failing to Report the Military’s Side?
Getting The News From The Enemy

Via LGF, What the Islamists Have Learned: How to defeat the USA in future wars
Maxim # 1: To defeat America, impose upon the imagination of its media your own storyline.
Maxim # 2: Take heart, then, my terrorist brothers! Bin Laden is even more correct than we knew before the last two years. The West does not have the will to resist. Those elites among them who do have the stomach to fight back, inexorably, day after day, are being undermined by their own media.
Dough Ross goes at it: Richard Feynman: "...To Protect Civilization..."
2006 Turkey-of-the-Year Awards
The Shining Wit and Wisdom of Bill Maher

Geesh, Michael Moore!... Less Fury, More Facts Please!

Worried All The Time

AP frets that more people haven’t noticed war protester’s self-immolation; Update: Protester fantasized about killing Rumsfeld
2 Acid Bombs Detonated at Wal-Mart

Doing John Kerry impersonations, Rangel: Men Join The Army Only If They Can't Have A "Decent Career". And here I thought that's why men became politicians.
Live by the stupidity ...

Congressman Conyers and Islam

Back when college was fun...

Special thanks to Larwyn!


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