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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas store now open!

In solidarity with Dr. Sanity's material spirituality, I opened a Christmas store, where I include several items I've received as gifts, and other items readers will like.

Among the books I listed Janson's History of Art, THE artbook of all times. For little kids, the Olivia books and George and Martha are sure to get the grown-ups chuckling even after repeat readings.

I included Risk among the low-tech toys so your thundering hordes can invade Kamchatka. Princeton toy stores do not carry Risk. Instead, the carry the premier jeu des échecs du bébé ("baby's first chess game", oui! in French! So your offspring can get a head start on snobbery!) - I kid you not.
Update: Larwyn emailed,
Don't think I ever seen a FRENCH chess set. Or I just didn't recognize it as the hands of both sides were not raised in surrender.
I also included two items I'd love to get:
1. the DVD of The Illusionist, which will be coming out soon (catch it at the movies now if you can)
and 2. Paloma Picasso Mon Rouge Lipstick in the right red. The lipstick is no longer manufactured and I've had to settle for Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, but it's still available at Amazon. I ordered two for myself.

The're also the Casino Royale watch, too.

Happy shopping!


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