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Friday, November 03, 2006

Apostasy, naps, videos, and Larwyn's links

Via Larwyn, The Baron compares Islam and the Pscychological left
  • Apostasy. Islam punishes apostasy with death. The Left is extremely harsh on its own apostates. Look at Joe Lieberman — excommunicated for the deadly sin of supporting our national security. Or Larry Summers, who had his manhood surgically removed, and in the end still lost his job.

    Deviating from the party line can get you a death threat, or the details of your sex life posted on the internet.

  • The inerrancy of scripture. The Koran is perfect, dictated by Allah, and can never be questioned.

    And neither can The Silent Spring. Forty years after Rachel Carson wrote it, the science behind the book is discredited., but not on the Eco-Left. Millions of people who lack DDT must die every year for the sake of the infallible Word.

    Erlich and Gore, as the Green Isaiah and the Eco-Jeremiah, transmit the pronouncements of God Gaia to us mere mortals.
Is Kerry the manchurian candidate? Dan Riehl has the note

Betsy's posting about the benefits of naps. I took a nap last Sunday.

The Anchoress has corgi puppies. Here are the basset hound puppies;

I have to make sure I wouldn't be allergic to bassets before I can take one of those home.
The Anchoress also has Bryn on video, of course.
Jay has the preview to next season's 24. Jack's so tough that if they ever give him a mission where he doesn't have to sacrifice himself, he'll quit.

Continuing the Australian theme I stumbled upon after the vegemite and the bath posts, the Trojan horse arrives in Sydney


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Rachel Carson, if I recall her books well enough, was not a radical by the current standards of the industry, & did not promote the banning of pesticides, but was rather advocating certain known dangerous pesticides be used cautiously & with intelligence to limit their effects on the ecosystem. At the time they were not used in such a way. She was correct.


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