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Monday, October 23, 2006

Why focus on the issues when you can talk about plastic surgery?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer did great during the debates, and even the NYT notices his Pressing Senate Bid With a Sharp Tongue and Strong Resolve, including, In startling turn, challenger praises Sen. Clinton in debate.

So what are the talk radio stations focusing on this morning?

Whether Spencer thinks that a. Hillary was unattractive, and b. whether he says that she had plastic surgery. His words "crossed a political line".

Well, Hillary has had "work" done.

Hillary had her overbite corrected while in the White House. I believe she used Invisaligns. I heartily recommend Invisaligns since I used them myself. Most Invisalign patients are adults who for a variety of reasons have used them. I did because teeth (even in the absence of disease) shift over the years and need correction; in my case I was waking up in the mornings with jaw pain. In fact, I wish Dr. Rice would use Invisaligns - the result would be stunning.

As far as plastic surgery, while Hillary might not have had a full facelift, I'd say she's had microdermabrasion, an eyebrow lift or two, and Botox. Microdermabrasion is done routinely as part of some facials, so I wouldn't count that as plastic surgery.

The eyebrow lift is obvious. Hillary's eyebrows are reaching the middle of her forehead, racing Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows for the highest spot at the top of their hairlines. Why do these women think that looking STARTLED makes them look young, you tell me.

The Botox didn't seem to have been working this weekend, though.

As far as Hillary's attractiveness, back when the co-President was in the White House changing her hairstyle every week, I saw her in the news and remarked to The Husband (my husband, not her poor excuse for a spouse), "Today she's got Martha Stewart's haircut!". To which The Husband, whose impeccable taste in women is clear, replied in his customary understated way, "Fausta, Martha Stewart is a good-looking woman."

Good thing The Husband's not running for office.

Now excuse me while I go to my manicure appointment. I'll be reading up on the issues while my nail polish dries.

Update Back from manicure! It's Been a Rough Week for a Homely Hapless New York Girl.

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giggle giggle...

what makes me rather disappointed, is the fact the biased NY Media Outlets did not take any of this seriously.

the NY Senate Debate was so laughable, because the Media just reported it as a trial for Hillary's Presidential Run.

they even offered such mindless questions as 'do you think you would be a better President than the current one?'

even the Local Outlets covered the debates quickly with the same sophomoric manner.

it seems they enjoy the idea, it's all about Hillary...

as if they love the celebrity so much, important issues be damned.

so superficial and biased, it becomes a comedy...

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Fausta said...

they even offered such mindless questions as 'do you think you would be a better President than the current one?'
Predictable, too!

At 5:04 PM, Blogger Beth said...

they even offered such mindless questions as 'do you think you would be a better President than the current one?'

You gotta be kidding me! What chutzpah!

Anyway, re: Hillary's work...I'm not the least bit surprised, nor can I honestly say anything much about it. I mean, look at that dirtbag cheating husband of hers. She may be an evil, power-mad witch, but she's still a "scorned woman," if you will. Having had a dirtbag cheating husband of my own (at least I LEFT the jerk, unlike cowardly, cynical, soulless Hillary), I sorta get it.
But the eyebrows! Oy!


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