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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Venezuela: Still not in the Security Council

So, where does the story stand?

It depends on what you read:
The Guardian (UK) Venezuela battles for security council seat while the Beeb was saying on TV this morning that Caracas offers UN seat compromise - and guess who would that be?
Bolivian President Evo Morales earlier said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had offered to let Bolivia take his country's place in the race.
That'd really make Evo Hugo's Triumph. All the same, Guatemala says won't make way for Bolivia in U.N. bid

While India's NDTV says that Venezuela pulls out of UNSC race, the WaPo says that Venezuela Denies Ending U.N. Bid.

Of course, no matter what, Hugo's proclaiming himself the winner: Objective achieved, says Hugo Chavez. The AP begs to differ: Chávez influence blocked: OUTSPOKEN LEFTIST SEES U.N. BID FALTER, FOREIGN ALLIES LOSE. Never mind the billion dollar tour Hugo took trying to make other countries vote for him at the UNSC. Call it Being obnoxious as raison d'état.

The Peruvian Prime Minister's saying el chavismo no tiene trascendencia (Chavismo lacks historical importance).
y en caso de que el petróleo baje se acaba el chavismo
and when oil prices decline, so will Chavismo
Is the worm finally starting to turn in Venezuela?
Chavez is running almost exclusively on his plan to make Venezuela into an superpower. Of course, he doesn't have much of a choice since his domestic programs have been a pretty unalloyed disaster. So he's attempting to inflame paranoid nationalism in voters by proposing an aggressive Venezuela that will challenge the imperial United States on the international stage.
Daniel explores Great moments in nationalist histrionics, while Gustavo Coronel went Protesting the intervention of Hugo Chávez in Latin America

Update, 4PM Venezuela, Guatemala to seek new U.N. candidate
The Venezuelan and Guatemalan foreign ministers intend to meet in New York on Thursday morning to try to agree on a consensus candidate for the seat, one of two earmarked for Latin America on the 15-nation council, the diplomats said.
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