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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Venezuela: Feel the looove while they take away your beer

You gotta laugh.

First there's the campaign to give Hugo a Nobel Peace Prize [*see update below]:
In Venezuela, where it is illegal to show disrespect to government authorities, a campaign has been underway since 2004 to win the Nobel Peace Prize for President Hugo Chávez (on whom Centrebet places odds of 251-to-1). On Vheadline.com, a U.S.-based "independent" Web site that propagandizes in favor of the Chávez government, one Carlos Herrera argues that Chávez has the necessary "qualities and the accomplishments, even though his style may have upset some influential international personalities in the past," and urges readers to sign a petition to the Nobel committee.
Hey, if Yasser got his . . .

Meanwhile, Hugo's campaign makes you feel the loooove:
Anyway, here is the translation of the text of the add with [Daniel from Venezuela News and View's] comments in blue.

LOVE MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE OF MY VENEZUELA ("my" Venezuela? Is this a lapsus? What the f..k is that?)

Always, I have done everything out of love.
For the love of trees and rivers, I became a painter (a painter? what? canvas or brick walls? did he exhibit somewhere?)
For the love of knowledge, studies, I left my dearest village, to study
For the love of sports I became a ball player
For the love of the fatherland I became a soldier
For the love of the people I became President, you made me President (who comes up with these lines? Besides, note the capital P in President which in Spanish is not required and which is a way to increase the symbolism of the job)
I have ruled these years out of love (Please!)
For love we did Barrio Adentro
For love we did Mision Robinson
For love we did Mercal
We have done everything for love (note that these 4 last lines are grouped together and represent the only three social programs that have found wide acceptance and some measure of real success even if the efficacy and real reach is more and more questioned
There is a lot left to do. I need more time. (observe two important implications, Chavez implicitly acknowledges that this is all he has to show for, and that whomever wrote this should be fired: justifying 8 years on three “achievements” is rather lame, actually demeaning for the reader that is able of second thought process)

I mean, again, pleeaaase

The looove of an abusive husband?

If the looove is too much for you and you might want a drink, forget it! Via Babalu, Chavez's new No. 1 enemy? Beer:
President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday he is fed up with seeing beer trucks sell alcohol directly on the streets of poor neighbourhoods.

"It's the degeneration of society. It's one of the causes of public drunkenness in the slums," he said as he declared he was putting a ban on the beer runs.

"As of today, I want the National Guard to stop the beer trucks and take them to the nearest command post. No more trucks," he said in a televised speech.
"Stop the beer trucks and take them to the nearest command post"?

I guess the command posts will be the Venezuelan equivalent of Pennsylvania state liquor stores?

[*] UPDATE, Friday, October 13: Nobel for anti-poverty pioneers
Bangladesh's Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank have been awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.
Mr Yunus, an economist, founded the bank, which is one of the pioneers of micro-credit lending schemes for the poor in Bangladesh.

The bank is renowned for lending money to the least well-off, especially women, so that they can launch their own businesses.
Thank you Mr. Yunus!

Please vote for this article at Real Clear Politics

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At 4:06 PM, Blogger Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Great post.

There will be some very happy police.

Obviously, Chaves is going after the cop vote.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Fausta said...

Jeff Foxworthy said, "men want two things: they want a beer, and they want to see something naked".
Since Hugo's taking away the beer, let's hope he doesn't drop trou!


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