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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Secret weapons, Soros, and today's Larwyn's links

How to insult your soldier, again
John Kerry has another brain fart storm via Cassandra.
Update Via chez Diva, the video:

Update 2 The Anchoress whacks down Kerry with a big stick.

How to support your soldier, now
Cassandra's posting on Project Valour Stop the ACLU's also participating.

Secret weapons and other news
It's true. Honest. And it's a quote from Robert Fisk.

If they can't lose clean, they'll lose dirty. Dr. Sanity HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU WIN AN ELECTION EVEN IF YOU LOSE

Zawahiri Target In Major Attack On Al Qaeda In Pakistan

Corker Takes on ACLU in Wilson County School Prayer Controversy
Also via Stop the ACLU, CHAPLAINS will be posted in schools across Australia under a federal Government plan to provide students with greater spiritual guidance.

Dr. Sowell's also underwhelmed about the Obamarama, and like me, wants to know, what has Obama ever actually accomplished that would qualify him for the highest office in the nation and the leadership of the free world?

A letter from the son of a woman who was stoned to death, via Watcher of Weasels

Soros, via Larwyn
American Thinker and Atlas Shrugs have the transcript of a Soros interview,
KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. SOROS: No.

KROFT: For example that, "I'm Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there." None of that?

Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c-I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets that if I weren' thereof course, I wasn' doing it, but somebody else would would would be taking it away anyhow. And it was thewhether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the-I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.
George Soros was only following orders

McCaskill's Angry Vet Busted Foot Playing Volleyball... Not in Action!

CBS Wants to Make You Look Racist, Possibly

Umbical Cord Stem Cells Grow Micro Liver. Not embryonic, umbilical.

Larwyn and MsUnderestimated like Douglas Hunter

From Maria
Metabolic Syndrome: The Silent Epidemic. Serious condition is linked to obesity, lack of exercise

In a lighter mode,
Australian sheepdogs are defending penguins


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