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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scary ads, frivolous politics, and today's items

The Naked Gun hits Madeline: Via Roger, Drudge has the video the Republicans wouldn't show, and You Tube has flagged:

Via Larwyn, Deep Kimchi. TigerHawk remembers scary ads of the Dems.

Jay has the video of a reverend that says that the Christian right is the enemy. Meanwhile, across the world, Protesters hurl petrol bombs at Danish mission in Iran, and EU Referendum has a comment.

Dr. Sowell continues to discuss Frivolous politics: Part II
Today, people ignorant of history -- which includes graduates of our most prestigious universities -- have no idea how close the western democracies came to losing that war and what an unending nightmare it would have been for the world if Hitler and his Japanese allies had won.

Nor do most of the liberal Democrats, which is to say, almost all Congressional Democrats, seem to have any sense of what an unending nightmare it will be for western nations if Iran and the international terrorists it sponsors have nuclear weapons.

Against that background, those disappointed Republican voters who plan to stay home on election day to protest their elected officials' failings are seeing politics as a way to vent their personal emotions. That is a frivolous self-indulgence in a deadly serious time for this nation.
Speaking of frivolous, here's Bab's message of tolerance: "Shut the f--- up!"

Is imitation the highest form of flattery? Or is it just creepy?

Washington Post Acknowledges Democrats Role In Foleygate

A new website, CAIR Watch: Keeping an eye on hate

Today's articles from Maria
The best are killed in every generation
Liberal media allergic to American values

More from Larwyn
And now, the Apple jihad

Surprise! Christian Voters Are Not Shocked by the Existence of Sin, and Bob Woodward, juvenile delinquent.


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