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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SC&A on faith

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred has a truly beautiful post Of Gold And God that you should read:
Believers look into the skies at night, and they know. Believers see a sunrise or sunset, and they know. Believers know that they don't know everything or have the answers to all the questions. Believers also know that it doesn't matter.

When a believer hears the ocean, he or she hears the same sound that God heard at creation. Whether it is that rhythmic soft sound, as water laps the shore or the mighty roar of the waves crashing in on each others, the believer understands he or she is hearing the sounds of the Creation event. Believers are instinctively drawn to those sounds, to reflect and ponder a mighty greatness. Whether it is the ocean, mountains or any other manifestation of nature, believers listen- and know.
To echo Maxed-Out Mama's words
Very, very few people write of what is real to me as you do.
Vote for his article at Real Clear Politics

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