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Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Oppression brings out perversion in people."

No, I didn't get that statement from Dr. Sanity,
When a culture determines that the avoidance of shame is necessary no matter what the cost, the result is a culture of fanaticism, bizarre behavior in the name of "honor"; and simultaneously the cultural oppression, subjugation, and humiliation of women and others perceived as "weak" (and therefore "shameful"). It also inevitably results in the projection of one's own unacceptable behavior and shameful feelings onto another individual or an outside group.
or from Sigmund, Carl and Alfred,
In a culture that prides itself on faith and morality, many think nothing of rape as a mode of religious expression. On the one hand, they insist that women dress modestly- and if they refuse, violent sex is the weapon of choice to instill religious punishment.
or from Shrinkwrapped
Civilization depends on being able to contain the sexual and aggressive impulses of its young men. Judaism and Christianity both help young men civilize themselves by offering an external buttress, in the various religious rules and admonitions, which the healthiest can internalize and use to allow them to enter into healthy, co-equal relationships with the important women in their lives. It is certainly possible to enter into healthy relationships without needing religion, but religion helps (despite some of the traditional aspects of all religions which often appear too rigid.)

Islam, as depicted by its proponents, has taken the position that the ideal way to civilize men is to allow Islamic men to express their sexual and aggressive impulses freely toward all unprotected women and all men who are not Muslims. This mandates that Islam be expansionary (though there are other reasons, economic and religious, especially, which work in the same direction) and makes the escalation of the ongoing clash between Islam and the West inevitable unless the West militarily and politically defeats Islam, or Islam reforms.
or from neo-neocon
In cultures where such mutilating customs are practiced, one reason that women tend to be in charge of performing them on other women (on little girls, actually) is that, in such cultures, men have been traditionally discouraged from touching women's bodies intimately--except sexually, that is, in the proper sanctioned relationships. But the more important reason that women are the agents of their own mutilation is that, of course, women are part of the culture, too. The custom is all of a piece, as is the culture, and women are not separate from it.
or even from one of my own posts; I'm quoting Egyptian journalist Ali al-Gundi, in an article from Der Speigel titled Sex and Taboos in the Islamic World. The article states that
  • premarital sex is an absolute taboo in Islam.
  • Books dealing with sex are banned
  • In Egypt, a man can end up spending a night in jail for being caught with a condom in his shirt pocket.
  • Homosexuality is more than just a taboo in the Islamic world. In fact it is considered a crime, punishable by imprisonment or even the death penalty.
  • Genital mutilation is widely practiced
Read the article.

Update, Sunday, 22 October Vi Larwyn, "They Should Beat Them Lightly"
p>The words of Mahmoud Shalash, an imam from Lexington, Kentucky, as quoted by Asra Q. Nomani in an op-ed in the Washington Post. That is the answer she got when she protested to the imam about his lecture to about 100 men about how to treat their wives. Nomani is making a point here: How can you expect to stop suicide bombers, jihadists and preachers of violence when it is perfectly acceptable to many Muslim males to engage in domestic violence. She quotes another Muslim woman describing the thought process among too many Muslim males: "I's okay for me to be a savage in my home, it's okay for me to be a savage in the world."
Blue Crab Boulevard has the post. Read it.

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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