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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More French "youths", and the new French doctors

A friend who read my post on the attack on the two French policemen ten days ago sent this video:

Via Atlas Shrugs, Clash in France Leaves 7 People Injured
The clash broke out after police tried to stop a driver in Les Mureaux, 20 miles from central Paris, for not wearing a seat belt, said Patrick Trotignon, a police union official. The driver refused to stop, and later crashed into another police car that tried to block his path.

A crowd gathered, growing to about 250 people, Trotignon said. Some carried homemade shields, pick handles, stones and threatened the police officers, saying: ``You won't get out of the car alive,''' he added.

An officer fired a warning shot in the air, and others fired rubber pellets and tear gas to clear a path to a nearby school, where they waited for reinforcements, Trotignon said.

The crowd set a police car, and the car that was initially stopped, on fire, before dispersing when more police officers arrived. Six officers and one resident suffered minor injuries, Trotignon said.

French authorities have kept a watchful eye on low-income housing projects in suburbs nationwide where riots by youths, many unemployed and from immigrant backgrounds, erupted nearly a year ago and continued for three weeks.
I had lunch with Nidra Poller yesterday, and we were discussing the situation in France. Today Nidra posted Beware of Saudi doctors . . . with French degrees
Reports are coming in from French medical schools of a plan to admit a cohort of Saudi students by hook and crook, bypassing the stiff entrance exams and very restrictive numerus clausus. Groups of five Saudi students will be admitted under exceptional conditions to eleven medical schools, leaving an equivalent number of qualified French candidates out in the cold.

The plan is so bald faced it's hard to believe anyone would dare suggest such things, but it's been presented as a fait accompli.
. . .
Let's summarize: the chosen 55 will bypass the normal entry exam, the strict numerus clauses, the tough conditions for foreign candidates, the normal cutoff points and, in addition, these privileges will follow them all the way to home base -- that still-prestigious French MD. They cannot falter neither can they fail.

Allowed to enter med school without scrutiny from the commission that normally judges candidates, they will presumably advance from year to year without confronting the pass or fail challenge that faces ordinary mortals.
While the French forbid the use of the jihab in public, the Brits already have come up with the "interfaith" gown:

The new look for Britain's hospitals
The hooded "Inter-faith gown" is designed to reveal nothing but the patients' eyes and hands and yet allow access for surgeons.
Expect more of this to come.

Update, via Larwyn, "Youths" are rioting in the UK, too.


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