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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Michael Fumento is back in Iraq

and he's reporting from the hot zones. Unlike a lot of news organizations who stay cooped up at their hotels, Michael is at the scene. Here's a sample from his two most recent posts:

Video of Attack on "The Ramadi Inn" or OP Hotel
I've clipped off the part propaganda section before the actual video (.wmv, 40 MB) [note: go to Michael's for link to video], but it's presented as if it's depicting a great victory over the infidels rather than a failed attack in which only jihadists were killed. This turning of defeat into victory is an interesting phenomenon.
Back from Ramadi
My conclusion on the situation in Ramadi overall is that while I had been led to believe it was getting worse, it's probably actually getting somewhat better and there's every reason to believe this trend will continue as more and more Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police, and Combat Operation Posts are introduced. Moreover, the lesson to be learned here is that if the insurgents and terrorists can be defeated in Ramadi they can be defeated anywhere. The guerilla war is definitely winnable.
Go to his blog and scroll down. While you're there, contribute to his fund.

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