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Friday, October 13, 2006

Frivolous Friday!

The frivolity continues - check the update section!

I don't know about you all, but for today at least I've had it with dealing with serious matters and will dedicate today's posts to matters unserious.

Soldiers' Angel has a calendar of fine-looking young Marines, which you can purchase here (the calendar, not the Marines).

In addition to the Ritz, Le Meurice, the Georges V, the Plaza Athenee, and the Hotel de Crillon, a new luxury hotel's opening in Paris, the Fouquet. If the name sounds familiar, it's probably because of the chocolates. The manager of the Bristol (former home of Suha Arafat) sniffed to the press and said that the new Fouquet might be a new expensive hotel, but only an established institution like the Bristol qualifies as 5-star. France2 news didn't ask Suha her opinion on the matter.

George Moneo reminisces about Tower Records. Ace has a nice music video - David Sanborn on the sax. Plenty more Sanborn at YouTube.

Classical Values checks out some high heels. Speaking of shoes, The Anchoress read The Shoemaker's Gospel. The Manolo settles once and for all the question of whether tall women should wear high heels:
Stand proudly tall sisters! Throw back the shoulders and wear the heels, and the mens will fall over themselves attempting to climb your heights.
Way to go, The Manolo!

Alabama Improper has a new domain.

Michael Totten's driving across the country in his new car. Make sure to buy his books.

Neo-Neocon is Clearing out the closets

Tiger Hawk has a post on Giant Syrian camels and a message for married men

Wizbang! has a captions contest, starring Nancy Pelosi.

Maria sent this: Works by Johns and de Kooning Sell for $143.5 Million. From now on Maria's husband will be framing the rags he uses to clean his brushes. Expect an exhibition at a trendy art gallery soon.

Madonna bought herself a baby. Will Paris Hilton follow?

Terry Gilliam has a new movie about - guess what - crazy people. A sure sign of the apocalypse will be when he does a movie about nice normal folks.

A frivolous post wouldn't be complete without a dance video:

I hope no teeth were damaged in the making of that video.

And don't miss the latest in home decorating trends: coffee table curators.

Update: Let's not forget the dog! (h/t Beth)

Dueling Pachelbels on electric guitars? or on viola de gamba? I say de gamba!

Surrealists gone bad:

Another update: Global warming my foot!
On Thursday, 8.3 inches of heavy snow set the record for the "snowiest" October day in Buffalo in the weather service's 137-year history, said meteorologist Tom Niziol. The previous record of 6 inches was set Oct. 31, 1917.

"This is an extremely rare event for this early in the season," Niziol said.

"This is the earliest lake effect snowstorm that we've seen here and I've been here for 25 years," he said.
Late update: One Good Turn And All That deserves worshipful admiration and thanks.

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