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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The "Bush-Tet Offensive-flap", and today's other items

Last month the Pope said "NOT TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH REASON IS CONTRARY TO GOD'S NATURE", and we're still hearing about the Pope-speech-flap. Yesterday
Stephanopoulos asked whether the president agreed with the opinion of columnist Tom Friedman, who wrote in The New York Times today that the situation in Iraq may be equivalent to the Tet offensive in Vietnam almost 40 years ago.

"He could be right," the president said, before adding, "There's certainly a stepped-up level of violence, and we're heading into an election."
Of course now we'll be hearing about the Bush-Tet Offensive-flap until the cows come home, get milked, and go out again. TigerHawk, however, notices that
Not surprisingly to me but shocking to many, the President obviously knows more history than his interviewer. When President Bush "accepts" the analogy of the surge in violence in Iraq to the Tet offensive in Vietnam, he is not "accepting" that Iraq is an unwinnable struggle against a noble enemy. He is saying that victory or defeat in Iraq will not be a function of the amount of violence that the enemy is able to do during any given period, but our will to keep fighting notwithstanding that violence. In that one regard, Iraq is dangerously similar to Vietnam, which fact the mainstream media would know if the typical editor read military history instead of the journalism pretending to be history that fills the bestseller lists.
Jailed Terror Suspect Helped ACLU Draft School Religion Rules

Kiss your YouTube stuff good-bye? Via Isaac Jimenez, Amateur 'video bloggers' under threat from EU broadcast rules. Hot Air vlogs about it.

The husband of A Mom and Her Blog is guess-posting. Go read it. Hispanics are represented in the Marines at a much higher rate than any other minority group.

Larwyn's (and others') links
McCaskill Slanders Talent's Record with Bogus Vet Ad

The Left-Handed Fall into Nihilistic Destruction. Also from One Cosmos, The Soul Pathology of the Beast With Red Cheeks, which Sigmund Carl & Alfred calls "The Best Post You'll Read This Week".

Don't miss BizzyBlog's Strickland referral post.

In a lighter mode,
I just realized that Firedog Lake has $5 days for their favorite cause. I promise not to post any videos of plump girls lip-sinc-ing if you send me $5.

Speaking of fundraisers, Good Evening .... and Welcome to the 1st Annual Kim Jong Il Telethon!

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