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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Venezuela and drugs, and today's articles from Maria

Venezuela and drugs
In addition to the 2.2 tons that Puerto Rican authorities seized on September 12, the 3.5 tons and the 5.5 tons seized in April, and the 18 tons seized last March, yesterday 2.25 tons were seized in the Dominican Republic.

Interestingly, the article says,
Dominican, Venezuelan and United States anti-narcotics authorities worked together yesterday in the confiscation of more than 2,250 kilos (4,960 pounds) of drugs, the Dominican Republic's largest bust in history.

Most of the drug is cocaine, but the remainder of the cache has yet to be verified by the Justice Ministry’s labs and arrived in the freighter Sierra Express, which left Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, with stops in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Its final destination would have been Belgium.
VCrisis posts about Venezuela lying about its narcotics operations:
Therefore we must conclude a) that the FBI, DEA and Puerto Rico's coastguard services permitted the Sierra Express -loaded with drugs- to continue en route to the Dominican Republic loaded; or b) that a ship with the same name loaded an almost equal amount of cocaine in the same port of origin in Venezuela that was ultimately apprehended In Santo Domingo thanks to the excellent job done in collaboration with Venezuelan intelligence.
Update Don't miss the Venezuela Blog Round-Up at Publius Pundit.

At the blogs
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Today's articles from Maria
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