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Thursday, September 21, 2006

UNLoonie tunes, and today's articles from Maria

UNLoonie tunes
Ahmadinejad's public call for the end of the world

A friend who used to travel frequently to Venezuela (until my friend's employer pulled its business out of the country) wrote to say that Hugo's loony tunes speech yesterday was exactly like a cadena, only that the cadenas last for hours. Hugo routinely refers to Pres. Bush as Mr. Evil, to Dr. Rice as "the black girl", and on and on.
(A cadena is a TV broadcast of Hugo's ranting, only that all the TV stations and licensed radio stations carry them at the same time.
My friend also says that there are a number of unlicensed AM radio stations popping up across the land.)

At the blogs

"You'll Never Know What We Did"

Reuters' Global Megaphone Slurs America

From Maria
Earmarks Reform -- How New Jersey Voted

Sorry, an Aish.com movie

'Sexy substitute' gets no jail time, and a how-to from Toronto: 'How-to-be promiscuous' plan considered by schools

Kill Bush, Blair in new video game

Music Player From Microsoft Offers Wireless Song-Sharing


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