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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Plain talk

The best way to say something is to just say it:

Alan at YouTube:

(emphasis added to all quoted)
Item at Publius Pundit:
The World Trade Center and Pentagon were actually blown up on 9/11 by the Bush Administration, according to a new book released by the official Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) publisher and written by a professor at a United Methodist seminary.
In today's WSJ The Liberals' War (by subscription)
For whatever else distinguishes Islamism from Liberalism, both are remarkably self-absorbed affairs, obsessed with maintaining the purity of their own values no matter what the cost. In the former case, the result too often is terror. In the latter, the ultimate risk is suicide, as the endless indulgence of "the other" obstructs the deeper need to preserve itself. Liberals - and the Rachel Newmans of the world - deserve to be protected and fought for. A liberalism that abandons its own defense to others does now, something liberals everywhere might usefully dwell on during this season of sad rememberance.
I am afraid the only way out for those young men is for their countries to become accountable. Yet the risk is that once they have the power, they will turn to the easy promise of Islam (which works so well in Iran) and we will have new enemies in possession of Nation states, to deal with. This is why we must stay in Iraq, no matter what, while at the same time recognizing that we could yet lose. It may be that Islam is incompatible with democracy. The increasing lethality of the individual means we do not have unlimited time to find out.
Roger L. Simon:
In a sense 9/11 freed me from the narcissistic self-involvement and vicissitudes of an artist's life at the same time that it depressed me and continues to depress me. Like my friend Michael Ledeen I am filled with rage at the mainstream media and my old comrades on the left, but my reaction to this anger may be slightly different from his. It is not vengeance for 9/11 I seek, but victory for our civilization. For this reason I am all the more depressed. Here is what I mean: I think the political extremes of our culture are so mired in self-justification that they cannot see clearly enough to win the war. In some cases they do not even see the war. And the situation appears to be getting worse, rather than better. The recent debate over who is to blame for 9/11, exacerbated by a turgid miniseries of all things, is not only pointless but hugely destructive. It looks backwards in the most mindless way while continuing to divide us. And make no mistake about it - our society is too thoroughly divided for one part to win this war by itself, especially against an enemy united by a monolithic belief system (or two monolithic belief systems, if you separate Sunnis and Shia).
Sigmund, Carl and Alfred:
As long as there is no national purpose or identity, there are no foundations upon which we can stand- and thus there is no nation to defend.

National purpose and identity are not found in fostering 'diversity awareness' or 'cultural sensitivity' programs. Those things are nice to have, important even, but they do not and cannot replace the need for a national identity and purpose- those are representative of moral values, deliberately and willingly shouldered.

That national purpose was stolen and spirited away, and when it was, our nation lost its soul. Much of America, the supposed inheritors of that classical liberalism embodied by John Kennedy, no longer will defend freedom. In fact, they have made a mockery of liberalism by embracing those who revel in hate, bigotry and terror and those who despise freedom and would slaughter those who 'worship at the altar of freedom.'
Dr Sanity repeats what Alan said in YouTube:
What those who make Bush all evil and Clinton all good fail to consider is that there is no one to blame for 9/11 except the deluded religious fanatics who have decided to use terrorism as a tactic to achieve the implementation of their political and social ideology.

If you are looking for evil in all this, look no further.
The prize? Human freedom
Despite efforts by postmodernists, multiculturalists and apologists of terror to explain (and explain away) Islamofascism, the overwhelming majority of free peoples, especially in the United States, realize that they are engaged in an existential struggle against an enemy that can and must be defeated both on the battleground and in the field of ideas.

The world is witnessing a new type of war in which none of the traditional causes of conflict such as territory, borders, natural resources and markets are the prize. The prize in this war is human freedom. And this is why, no matter how long this conflict takes, the enemies of freedom cannot win.
One thing is clear to me: I will not submit, ever.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Excellent roundup.

As for the Presbyterians, well, Al Jazeera screwed them by airing the tapes of OBL and the 9/11 hijackers.

Expect next Presbyterian bopok to highlight Al Jazeera as a CIA/Mossad operation.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Fausta said...

Al Jazeera screwed them by airing the tapes of OBL and the 9/11 hijackers
Videos available here: AQ celebrates the 9/11 hijackers


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